Battle Penetrating Damp with Elastomeric Energy Efficient Wall Coatings

Your Solution to a Dryer, Durable Home!

Is penetrating damp casting a shadow over your property’s comfort and well-being? Often referred to as water ingress or lateral damp, penetrating damp can afflict not only older structures but also properties of various ages. This insidious issue occurs when water infiltrates through external walls, potentially causing havoc within your living space.

Don’t let water seepage mar your sanctuary – enter our game-changing Elastomeric Energy Efficient Wall Coating! This innovative solution targets a range of damp-related challenges stemming from external sources.

Elastomeric Energy Efficient Wall Coating:
Shield your property’s exterior masonry with our Energy Efficient Paint, purpose-built for lasting protection. Crafted from a flexible microporous blend of modified acrylics, this coating gracefully adapts to substrate movement, thwarting cracks often seen in conventional coatings. Its versatility extends to previously painted surfaces with proper preparation, and it even acts as an anti-carbonation coating, guarding against concrete spalling.

Why Opt for Elastomeric Energy Efficient Wall Coating?

  • Enjoy a sleek masonry paint finish.
  • Embrace a highly breathable, microporous structure.
  • Revel in a long-lasting, crack-preventing coating.
  • Experience fine crack bridging for superior resilience.
  • Witness its remarkable 400% stretch capacity.

Defects Addressed by Elastomeric Energy Efficient Wall Coating:
Our Elastomeric Energy Efficient Wall Coating tackles an array of penetrating damp-related woes. Empowered by expert damp surveyors armed with cutting-edge digital tools, we identify issues and present tailored solutions. All work is executed by skilled tradespeople.

Benefits of Elastomeric Energy Efficient Wall Coating:

  • Combat algae growth spread by wind and facade deposition.
  • Ward off blistering resulting from hydrothermal stresses.
  • Conquer spalling, a symptom of poor adhesion.

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