Damp and Mould

Welcome to our informative guide on the challenges posed by damp and mould in homes across the United Kingdom. At Home Energy Save UK, we are dedicated to addressing these issues and providing effective solutions. We want to offer valuable insights into the causes, consequences, and remedies related to damp and mould, with reference to the UK government’s official publication on the topic.

Introduction to Damp and Mould

Damp and mould are widespread concerns that can affect the well-being of homes, leading to potential health risks and structural problems.

At Home Energy Save UK, we understand the importance of tackling these issues head-on to create healthier and more comfortable living spaces.

What To Expect From Our Free Damp Survey?

Our damp surveyors are highly trained and use an array of digital instruments to help them come to the correct conclusion. They will then explain the problem to you, talk about any dangers that your problem could cause you and fully explain a solution. We offer valuable insights into the causes, consequences and remedies related to damp and mould. We do this by offering a free damp survey to all UK property owners.

Some of the solutions that we use will even save you money in energy bills, so much so that HMRC has reduced the VAT rate.

We offer a FREE home assessment for all property owners, book below.

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Health Risks Associated with Damp and Mould

The UK government recognises the health risks linked to damp and mould in homes. These risks encompass respiratory problems, allergies, and the worsening of pre-existing conditions. To gain deeper insights into these health risks, you can refer to the official government publication here.

Home Energy Save UK’s Approach

At Home Energy Save UK, we prioritise creating healthier living environments by addressing the root causes of damp and mould. Our team of experts employs advanced techniques and technologies to identify and eliminate these issues effectively.

Our Services

Explore our range of services designed to combat damp and mould, including thorough property surveys, tailored solutions, and expert consultations. We are committed to providing a personalised approach to meet the unique needs of each property.

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Our coverage extends across the entirety of the North West and the Midlands, encompassing a wide expanse of regions.

Below, you’ll find a glimpse of some prominent areas within our coverage. Keep in mind that our reach extends to the neighboring areas as well, ensuring comprehensive service.

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