Cavity Wall Extraction

Is Your Cavity Wall Insulation Effective and Safe?

If inadequate Cavity Wall Insulation isn’t removed, then it can be far more costly to your health and wallet.

There are 100’s of thousands of properties in the UK where cavity wall insulation was installed either incorrectly or installed in a property where it was unsuitable, this has caused massive damp and health problems as well as rendering the insulation ineffective.

Take advantage of our FREE Cavity Wall Insulation Inspection

To assess the quality of your current cavity insulation, our surveyors will drill 3-4, 12mm holes from the outside to inspect the performance of your current cavity wall insulation, the holes will then be capped.​

The Free Borescope survey will allow us to:

  • Highlight any cold or damp spots​
  • Determine the presence/ condition of insulation within cavities.
  • Assess the internal condition of walls, cavities and difficult to access spaces.
  • Take HD images & videos from inside the cavity.
  • Minimal disruption as all holes are capped afterwards.

Cavity wall insulation extraction is required when the insulation previously used is no longer effective or safe.

There may be a number of reasons why you need to remove or replace you cavity wall insulation:

  • Incorrectly installed insulation producing cold or damp spots within the building fabric. 
  • Insulation becoming wet from poorly maintained properties
  • Faulty insulation
  • Leaking roof

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