Charity Work

We Are Proud Sponsors Of SSAFA!

SSAFA is a charity organisation whose goal is to help those in the armed forces community in anyway they can. They give support, both physical and emotional, to serving men and women, as well as veterans.

For almost 140 years, SSAFA have been helping people all across the UK through problems big and small. These can include problems like addiction, post-traumatic stress, disabilities, debt and homelessness.

This support covers regular and reserves for the Royal Navy, the Royal Marines, the British Army and the Royal Air Force, as well as their families.

SSAFA is committed to helping our brave men and women overcome their problems and rebuild their lives. 

How Do We Help The SSAFA?

Here you can find a quick video of one of our most recent jobs we completed for SSAFA for free of charge. The video guides through the replacement of Army veteran Paul and his wife Anwen’s front garden stairway, that previously made them feel like prisoners in their own home.

The project that we undertook on behalf of SSAFA was helping out an elderly couple who felt like prisoners in their own home. A couple of members of our team went to the home of Army veteran Paul and his wife Anwen, to give them a safe stairway in and out of their home in Fegg Hayes, Stoke-on-Trent.

Whilst we are more accustomed to removing mould or damp proofing homes, our team (who range from bricklayers to electricians to plasterers) got right to work and replaced the uneven and unsafe stairway that was in the couples front garden, Anwen had even fallen over on the steps outside their home prior to the work we carried out.

After the work was completed, both Paul and Anwen were elated with the work. Anwen commented “A big thank you. What they’re doing for me and Paul makes a big difference to us and I’m really, really grateful. It means the world to us.”

You can read more about our work on the Stoke On Trent Live website here.

Further Charity Work for SSAFA

To get an idea of our our work impacts the charity and the veterans it supports here is a direct quote from The Chairman of SSAFA Staffordshire,

“Dear Nigel,

I would like to thank you and all the lads at Home Energy Save for the works you have carried out for P…y, You stand head and shoulders as a person and as an organisation with your generosity, the help you have given this lady and her husband goes beyond anything we could have wished for. Your lads on site and your supervisors are amazing. The quality of work is superb.

She told me that you had changed her life for the better, you cannot buy that can you.

I am very aware that this is not the first time you have helped with our Veterans who are in need, You are excellent ambassadors for your company and for SSAFA, I hope you reflect this as a company in your PR, people need to know you are a caring and generous company.

Thank you from myself and everyone at SSAFA.”

Colin Critchlow,
Chairman – SSAFA Staffordshire