Elastomeric Energy Efficient Coating

One of the most common causes of damp is penetrating damp (also known as water ingress or lateral damp). This generally occurs within older buildings but can occur in properties of any age.

​Penetrating damp is the result of water infiltrating through the external wall and into the property. This occurs when water enters through a defect in the building or external brick or stone walls have degraded to the point where they become porous and allows water ingress to pass through the external wall into the property.​

This is where our Elastomeric Energy Efficient Wall Coating comes in to play, it can remedy several problems caused by external sources of damp.

Elastomeric Energy Efficient Wall Coating

Our Energy Efficient Paint is ideal if you are looking to protect the exterior masonry of your property.

The modified acrylic blend is a flexible microporous protective coating that will flex with the substrate where movement causes cracking in conventional coatings.

It can be applied to previously painted surfaces after suitable preparation and can be used as an anti-carbonation coating to help prevent concrete spalling.

Why Choose Elastomeric Energy Efficient Wall Coating?
  1. Smooth finish
  2. Microporous (Highly Breathable)
  3. Long lasting coating
  4. Flexible – prevents cracking
  5. Fine crack bridging
  6. Stretches up to 400%

The Defects cured by Elastomeric Energy Efficient Wall Coating

There are multiple benefits of the installation of our Elastomeric Energy Efficient Wall Coating and the process can cure many of the common defects associated with penetrating damp.

Our damp surveyors are highly trained and use an array of digital instruments to help them identify issues and they will then explain the problem to you, and fully explain a solution.

All work is carried out by qualified tradespeople.

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Algae Growth

Algae are unicellular organisms that are disseminated by the wind and get deposited on facades.


Facades exposed to hydrothermal stresses for any length of time may be subject to blistering.


Spalling is a sign of poor adhesion, surface coating systems with high internal stresses cause adhesion problems.


Cracks make facades susceptible to weathering.

Airborne Pollution

Especially in densely populated areas, facades are subject to deposits of sand, dust, and soot.


Salts promote water ingress.

What To Expect From Our Free Damp Survey?

Our damp surveyors are highly trained and use an array of digital instruments to help them come to the correct conclusion. They will then explain the problem to you, talk about any dangers that your problem could cause you and fully explain a solution.

Some of the solutions that we use will even save you money in energy bills, so much so that HMRC has reduced the VAT rate.

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