Cavity Wall Insulation

The Best Cavity Wall Insulation Can Cut Your Heat Loss by up to 35%

BUT! When considering cavity wall insulation a full borescope survey is vital!

Incorrectly installed insulation can produce cold and/or damp spots within the building fabric. So therefore inspecting inside the cavity is vital.

With our FREE Borescope Survey, we will drill a small hole from the outside and feed a borescope into the cavity to:

  • Assess the suitability of your property for the installation of Cavity Wall Insulation.
  • Assess the internal condition of walls, cavities and difficult to access spaces.
  • Take HD images & videos from inside the cavity.
  • Look for any problems in the cavity such as; rubble.
  • Check for any damp problems that may compromise new insulation.

Choosing the right Insulation

EPS Beading insulation is one of the most advanced and efficient cavity wall insulation products. The process involves injecting beads into the cavity of your wall. The beading can improve the U-Value of the room by up to 70% (this is 20% more effective than the standard fibre insulation).

If you have had an installation carried out within your property that is not suitable for a certain insulation type, then it can cause voids that in turn cause damp problems, which will require a cavity wall insulation extraction. To save expensive and unnecessary work, the correct diagnosis of the causes of damp/ heat-loss is vital.

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